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Details- entering Books Read data

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If haven't yet seen my more general proposal of how I would be willing to pay for your time, please see that. The page will open in a new tab or window; just close it to come back here.

Here's a sample of the pages I'll send you (at top), and what I want at the bottom...


Remember: I'm not paying much... and so I don't expect you to spent time getting it "perfect".

When we've "got to know" (trust!) one another, I would be glad to send you several pages at a time to save you the time that preparing attachments, sending them, etc. takes. (Tell me how many you want in a "batch")

(Even after the "Special introductory offer" on the main page expires...) I WILL PAY DOUBLE the amount on offer for the first page you complete. Send me a sample of about the first four lines, though, so I can set you straight if there are problems, before you've done a lot of typing. (When you submit the finished first page, remind me that I promised a special introductory offer/ double payment for it!)

Fiverr.com sellers... we may have to use a slight variation on my usual terms, to "fit in" with Fiverr's requirements. For you, payment could be by something other than PayPal, and I would pay for "1/2 hour" or "hour". Tell me how many pages you would promise to do in either time unit. I am open to discussion as to what's best for Fiverr people, indeed for anyone... but people willing to do it "my way" have greatest chance of further work. I should add that I don't have many pages needing typing at this time... don't waste a lot of time on me, if you have other work. On the other hand... I have OTHER transcription work that I will offer to people who do this work well for me.

Reminder, before I get to details: I would send you images of the pages, you would type the data into a spreadsheet. You would send pages back one at a time. I would pay you, a page at a time, via PayPal. (If, once we "knew" one another, you were happy to do them in batches, be paid in batches, fine. But to start with, each of us should protect ourselves.)

I know that if you do the work with LibreOffice's spreadsheet, that aspect will not be a problem. OpenOffice's spreadsheet okay too. I suspect that Excel would be. (Format all columns as text, if you remember. Probably not a big deal.)

Remember that I don't expect "instant" results. I would expect a page to be sent back to me within ten days... it is only 40 lines, after all.


If you haven't already read my other page about this (Piecework.htm), go there for what I will pay for this work.

Don't worry about anything other than what you see transcribed in the example....

The dates don't need transcription. Some pages have notes on them. They don't need transcription.

On general, if in doubt, just type what's on the page. Your best guess as to "right way" will be fine. I'm proofreading the material later, anyway.

Everywhere: Punctuation marks and abbreviations... Use punctuation marks and abbreviations where I have, please. (Follows general rule of "just type what you see"... I hope to keep this simple for you!)

In image...                   Please enter...
Charlie & The Choc Factory    Charlie & The Choc Factory

Book titles beginning with "The"... What I have on the sheets varies from time to time. If you happen to remember, enter things with the "The" at the end, after a comma, regardless of how I have it in the image. But don't worry if you forget!

In image...                   Please enter...
The Way Back Home             Way Back Home, The

Book titles: Upper case (capital) letters:... In general, use capitals for everything. Maybe change "and", "of the"

In image...                   Please enter...
Taming Of The Shrew           Taming of the Shrew
Witch And Wardrobe            Witch and Wardrobe

Author's names... If you see "John Steinbeck", Or "Steinbeck, John" I suspect you'll have little trouble "splitting" that into first and family names. Where someone has a double first of family name, it gets tricker... just have a guess. No need to go off looking things up!

In image...     Please enter in First Name... And in Family...
John Steinbeck      John                          Steinbeck
Steinbeck, John     John                          Steinbeck
Orson Scott Card    Orson Scott                   Card
Fred Bo-Peep        Fred                          Bo-Peep

Author's names: more than one author... If a book had two authors, the following would be my choice...

In image...             Please enter in First Name... And in Family...
Smith, J/ Brown, I            J/ I                      Smith/ Brown

You will probably notice places where I've failed to put an entry on the right line. Don't worry about it. For the transcription, just use the line it is on... don't worry about where it was meant to have gone.

Other odd things?

Please alter me to things which make you wonder "what should I do about...?". Please include the number of the page you are working on in your email. I would like to get everyone's questions (with answers!) on this page. You can save the next person worry!

Sorry... you will have to copy the email by hand... it makes it harder for spam list generators if I do it this way...

My email address as a graphic

I Look forward to doing business with you!

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