Celebrating Billy Elliot, the musical...

Victoria Palace Theatre, and First UK/ Ireland/ Germany Tour

At the Victoria Palace Theatre, the original home of Billy Elliot, the musical, when milestones passed, they were celebrated. Often by the production of a special "souvenir" lapel badge.

To mark the end of the first UK tour, a "do it yourself" effort is underway. (The project is entirely "amateur", with no connection with, or endorsement from, the show's "official" people.)


One version will be a round lapel badge, with a simple pin on the back, diameter 58mm. (Other people are welcome to create derivative designs. Instructions and access to artwork provided here.)

Stop press: Good news! A first batch of badges has been delivered to me, and look even better than I'd hoped they might. I can now endorse AwesomeMerchandise.com without reservation, if you want to have your own badges made. The badges I have so far are of an early design. It shouldn't be many days until the trial batch of (my) final design arrives. Hang on, if you are thinking of using my artwork un-changed. (But deal with the "getting ready" things you can already do, explained in the "Make Some" section, below.)

Obtaining one of the badges

This is a work in progress! If you, or a member of your family, were cast or company in either London or on the Tour, you are welcome to one... for free. I have a page about how different people can obtain the badges.


I am quite prepared to work at this a little beyond 23 July 2017... if "late orders" come in, I will give the dust a little while to settle, order one last batch, distribute.

The design

I have put an explanation of some of the elements of the design on a separate page.


I am hoping that at least a few people will be asking "how can we help get the badge distributed?" I'll address that question first.

If you are going to Hamburg, for the last day of the tour, 23 July, 2017, how much is that costing you?

For £37, you could add momentum to the "mementos for people who want one" programme. That's all it costs to order FIFTY of the badges, WITH expedited handling. (UK supplier and mfg. Price quoted is for delivery to a UK address. "Expedited" (£10) buys you a promise of 5 working days turnaround between your approval of the artwork and dispatch. (You place an order. They work up the artwork, and contact you for approval. That part only took a few (working) days on the two (expedited) orders I've placed to date.)

EVEN IF you order some badges, and they do not reach you before you head off to Germany, I expect there will be people hoping to obtain one after the fact.


I will "buy" "unwanted" badges from people who find them on their hands after 23 July. However, rather than giving you back your costs, I will make a contribution (equal to your cost for the badges) either to the charity the original London production supported on 9 April 2016, or MSF.org, or A.N.Other, if we find a mutually agreeable one. This is not an "unlimited" offer... send me an email, before 11 July, if you want to get in line to be "insured" thus. We can settle exact terms via that channel.

Make Some

So! You can hope that "someone else" will do all the work, and a badge will fall into your hands. Or you can do a little bit of work, risk a little money and HELP... ensuring yourself of a badge along the way!

All you need to do is...

It's easy, and not expensive... if you act SOON. (It would have been easier still if the manufacturer were able to accept orders for a re-supply of what I ordered... but they can't. Understandable, when you think about it.)

For those who are even considering trying to get some badges made, adding to the distribution effort, the details of doing the above are spelt out on my Make a Lapel Badge page. On that page, I have put links to give you the artwork, ready for submission, or the source-artwork, for modifying. (Yes, I release the artwork to the public domain. Use (for free) as you see fit.)

If you want to produce something like the badge I've designed, it is the same steps, with "Modify Design" inserted before "Upload Artwork".

This site is at presentaa (29 June 17) undergoing some re-arranging. If you are looking for something that "was here yesterday", try the old index page.

That's it!

Thank you, if for nothing else, reading down to here. I hope you got whatever you came for? By all means contact me if you'd like something clarified.

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